Who are we and what is our goal?
We are a collection of music business professionals & performers. 
Our goal is to connect together those of us in the music industry with the people and services we need to get to the next level. 

Art is a team sport

How do we do it?
We create educational & professional networking events dedicated to results. Integrating person to person meetings with social media, newsletters, blogs and on-line chats to create a strong professional music community.

Knowledge Is Power

Weget Networking Leaders
Barry Coffing Crystal Mata * Darryl Linden  

We are in the business

Our Next Step Is The Creation Of:
Weget Networking Advisory Board
The group will be made up of local music industry luminaries and leaders of other local, regional and national music organizations. We will only meet 2 times a year to coordinate our groups and to work together to reach our goals.

Community Brings Prosperity

To recommend other people and groups contact barry@wegetnetworking.com