We are forming Meeting Groups that will focus on specific genres, jobs or services in the music industry. In this way discussions and networking can be done at a higher more targeted level. They will be run by local organizers and will meet at least once per quarter. If you are interested in starting a group contact

Industry Focused Groups Forming Now!  
Country Music Group – Dewey Wayne*Ken Reynolds*Ted Lee*Ami Blackwell
Hip-Hop & R&B Group – Ohmare Washington*Kelly Cryer*Tracy Matthews*
Singer/Songwriters Group – Barry Coffing*Steve Said*Lisa Schneider
Indie Rock Group – Chris Hulse*Mitzi Coil*Matt Garcia
College Music Group – Alton Hawthorn*Lizzy Howe*Deidra Harvey
The Music Technology Group – Barry Coffing…
Vocal Coaches & Teachers Group – Jan Vandiver…